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WHAT PREDICTS SUCCESS? HINT: IT’S NOT YOUR TEST SCORES, HOW LOUD YOU ARE, OR YOUR FOLLOWER COUNT. We’re usually wrong about people. Mighty Google once surveyed tens of thousands of interviewers and interviewees, tracking the way one scored the other and then how the candidate eventually performed–and as we learned yesterday, there was “zero relationship” between [...]


How Young Entrepreneurs Can Rein in Their ‘Toxic’ Emotions

When it comes to dealing with toxic emotions and overheated outbursts, few have more stories than Ken Lindner. As agent to media personalities like the Today Show’s Matt Lauer, Mario Lopez of Saved By the Bell fame and Dateline‘s Lester Holt, Lindner has soothed his fair share of flared tempers. He even wrote a book about his experience. [...]


10 Ways To Inspire Your Team

At the same time, leaders are trying to make their employees feel more secure in order to keep the ship afloat, aware that if too much disruption leaks out into the workplace, there is risk of losing top-talent which is difficult and costly to replace.     In this ever changing workplace terrain, leaders need to think [...]


8 Ways To Undermine Yourself

As entrepreneurs, we spend a lot of time honing our leadership style and working tirelessly to ensure our teams are motivated to work with us. There are countless resources to improve on various attributes you utilize both in and out of the office, but there’s less information readily available on pitfalls to avoid. You might [...]


Seven Secrets to Resilience

Here’s how to develop the mental toughness to push through any sales challenge you face in your business. As the economy performs in fits and starts, selling your products and services remains unusually tough. Never has resilience been more critical for small-business owners. The ability to steadfastly push through challenges is a valuable trait that seems [...]