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 As reviewed on Bark.com

Absolutely fantastic! First appointment helped us immensely.. couldn’t rate higher

Sarah P

As reviewed on Google

Excellent practitioner and business adviser in a beautiful setting. Had a great experience with Emanuel helping me process my thoughts on career progression. Highly recommend.

Brenda Fong

As reviewed on Google

Exactly what we needed. Thank you Emanuel for all of your advice and wisdom as a counsellor. You were really helpful in such a difficult time. Would highly recommend!


 As reviewed on Bark.com

Emanuel is fantastic. He makes you feel comfortable and at ease during his sessions and explains everything clearly, without using ‘psych jargon’. Both my partner and me are impressed with his approach and would highly recommend him.


 As reviewed on Bark.com

Emanuel is a wonderful counsellor; he made me comfortable the first time we spoke.

He listens without judgement and is firm while having the right level of empathy. He encourages you to do the work to get the results you are seeking. He has some great analogies which help to lighten difficult topics.

My partner was incredibly open with Emanuel and I was not expecting that, let alone in our first session.

I am looking forward to more sessions to continue to improve my relationship with myself and my partner.

Christina Jones

As reviewed on Google

Emanuel Perdis has given me business guidance on and off for over 5yrs and really helped me get through some of my biggest business challenges, at times when I was ready to give up.

Emanuel’s honesty and no beating around bush the approach, is great for anyone that wants to get ahead. Emanuel pushed me out of my comfort zones on many occasions and his knowledge and advice has allowed me to be successful in both my personal life and the business world.

I highly recommend Emanuel to anyone who wants counselling or business advice.

As a keynote speaker – Emanuel captivates the audience with humour and advice that will resonate with any business owner.


Working with Emanuel has been one of the best things my partner and I could have chosen. We were in a position where we knew we needed external help to help us come back to a place of love. Emanuel is attentive, passionate, and honest in his counselling, which has given both my partner and I many new self-reflections and ways to overcome past resents. He allows both of us to feel comfortable but challenges us to look at our actions from other perspectives when we get stuck in our own. I feel like since we’ve started working with Emanuel, we are able to see how we both can grow together, and let down our egos.

I’m so thankful for Emanuel! We are still working with him and I would 100% recommend him to anyone needing couple counselling or individual counselling

Jill Sweatman –

The Brain Whisperer TM – Neuroscience Specialist in Education & Learning, Researcher of Internet Use International Speaker, Change Management Consultant & Executive Coach – As reviewed on LinkedIn

Emanuel is a rare professional who has founded and lead impressive enterprises, inspired employees with his recognition of personal talent, as well as his own great creativity marketing flair. He has achieved all with a distinct sensitivity born from a focus on developing others while, importantly, retaining his deep commitment to raising a close family with high values. Emanuel’s quiet knowing, business acumen and genuine caring form the foundations of the calibre of support he offers to businesses and individuals alike.

Theodore Fatseas

As reviewed on Google

I’d highly recommend Emanuel Perdis as a counsellor and business adviser.

His insights have made a significant difference in both my business and in my personal development.

He is warm, honest, a great listener and provides actionable advice.

William Crowe

CEO at High Earth Orbit Robotics/PhD Asteroid+Spacecraft Dynamics

– As reviewed on LinkedIn

Emanuel mentors me, helping me improve my performance as head of my own company and widening the perspective of what my impact could look like. He has been especially adept at the nuance of supporting large clients, where he has years of experience across the globe. Emanuel is a mentor that is always in your corner and makes time to ensure you feel supported. If you aspire to change the world, I recommend reaching out!

Kristy P

After only one session with Emanuel I already feel lighter.

He is understanding, kind, firm but fair.

It was remarkable to see how well he could understand a situation within an hour, I would say this is an innate skill Emanuel has. 

Highly recommended.

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