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Hi, I'm Emanuel Perdis. I'm a counsellor, coach, and educator.

About Me
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Emanuel is an inspiring, passionate and seasoned counsellor, coach and educator, who started out as an instrumental figure ­– involved from the outset – in starting and growing the global Napoleon Perdis make-up phenomenon.


He served as the Co-founder and Managing Director of the Australian-owned Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics company for over 25 years. During his tenure, the $110M company boasted over 90 Concept Stores, 100 Napoleon Perdis Department Store counters, as well as over 750 salon and pharmacy stockists of the brand across Australia.


Emanuel now dedicates his time to giving back through counselling, coaching and educating. His innovative and inspiring approach to all three of these overlapping sectors has infused him with profound purpose, passion and expertise.


My Services


Specialising in Relationships/Couples Counselling, Trauma, Anger Management and Anxiety. Private, confidential and supportive sessions are provided with/ Emanuel, whereby the clients’ counselling requirements and goals can be met in the most effective and immediate way.


The framework of Emanuel’s key counselling modalities includes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy and Gestalt.


Most sessions are convenient and accessible, offered remotely via Zoom, MS Teams and Google Meet. In person sessions can be organised, on request, at Emanuel’s Sydney Clinic rooms in Leichhardt.


Business Coaching:

With Business Coaching, Emanuel specialises in Startups, Small Business and SMEs.


Primary areas of delivering value are in Risk Management, Cost Control, Sales & Marketing Strategy, Keeping HR & Marketing Teams Accountable as well as Succession Planning.


Hi-octane performance that is supportive of the business’ leadership team is provided, whereby each client’s strategic interests can be optimally met and efficiently satisfied.


Life Coaching:

Applied Performance Psychology blended with Counselling and Positive Psychology techniques and outcomes.


Areas of coaching include career strategy, goal achievement, wellbeing, spirituality and existential certainty.


Emanuel is a highly qualified and venerable educator. He is an instructor, an  instructional designer and an assessor in the tertiary and vocational sectors, as well as the personal development sphere.


His key areas of education are Mental Health Skills for the Workplace, Anger Management, Leadership & Management, Entrepreneurship, Negotiation and Personal Development.


Emanuel’s talents are exceptionally benchmarked in highly innovative and forward-focused Instructional Design and captivating Delivery. 


When not in front of an audience – which, don’t let his feigned modesty fool you, he heartily enjoys – he relentlessly pursues the creation of highly engaging, evidence-based and relevant learner materials.


The learning experience he designs and delivers is Montessori–, CBT– and Drama Therapy–informed, and his delivery techniques get contextualised for the adult learners’ goals and bespoke objectives.

"Presumption is one of the most damaging mistakes you can make in the realm of enterprise."

Emanuel Perdis

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