We Repeat What We Don't Repair

This is our Webinar based Group Therapy Program for Trauma Recovery & Post Traumatic Growth.

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Bedroom To Board Room

If you run a family business and it's effecting your relationship - this joint therapy group is for you.

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Individual, Couples Counselling & Group Therapy

Discover the best option for you!  In person and on-line zoom counselling and group therapy sessions available.

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Start Ups, Small Business And SMEs Coaching and Advisory

Specialising in advisory services to Startups, Small Business and SMEs
Primary Areas of delivering value are in Risk Management, Cost Control, Sales & Marketing Strategy, Keeping HR & Marketing Teams accountable as well as Succession Planning.

The Amazing Grace Retreat

Bespoke educationally interactive events held at the luxurious Amazing Grace Retreat.

Mental Health Skills for the Leader/Manager
Creativity & Innovation
Resilient Leadership

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