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Business Coaching:

With Business Coaching, Emanuel specialises in Startups, Small Business and SMEs.


The primary areas to deliver value in are Growth Hacking, Business Development, Risk Management, Cost Control, Sales & Marketing Strategy, Keeping HR & Marketing Teams accountable, as well as Succession Planning.


A Hi-octane performance that is supportive of the business’ senior leadership team is provided. whereby each client’s strategic interests can be optimally met and efficiently satisfied.


Pricing for Business Coaching is quoted on a project scope basis.


Life Coaching:

Applied Performance Psychology is artfully blended with Counselling and Positive Psychology techniques and outcomes.


Areas of coaching include career strategy, goal achievement, personal development, wellbeing, spirituality and existential certainty.


Pricing for Life Coaching is quoted using a Counselling Fees Schedule however his time  it can be used in 15 minute increments after the second coaching session.

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