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Image by Brooke Cagle



Emanuel is a highly qualified and venerable educator. He is an instructor, an instructional designer and an assessor in the tertiary and vocational sectors, as well as the personal development sphere.


His key areas of education are Mental Health Skills for the Workplace, Anger Management, Leadership & Management, Entrepreneurship, Negotiation and Personal Development.


Emanuel’s talents are exceptionally benchmarked in highly innovative and forward-focused Instructional Design and captivating Delivery. 


When not in front of an audience (which, don’t let his feigned modesty fool you, he heartily enjoys) he relentlessly pursues the creation of highly engaging, evidence-based and relevant learner materials.


The learning experience he designs and delivers is Montessori–, CBT– and Drama Therapy–informed, and his delivery techniques get contextualised for the adult learners’ goals and bespoke objectives.

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